About Us

Paddy: “Our fans are well aware of Isaac’s qualities as a musician – what is left to mention is his proficiency in foosball and pint-lifting.

Paula: “He has mastered everything but sports, and whenever something new arouses his interest, he teaches it himself in the blink of an eye.”

Tobi: “Armed with subdominant parallels and Dorian mode scales, he aptly finds his path through life and even manages to write his bachelor thesis about the Lord of the Rings.”
Paddy: “Tobi and I survived on coconuts and bean paste alone for weeks on the lonely beaches of Costa Rica (the story goes) – he can be sillier than one would think, and you shouldn’t bring him to a porcelain shop.”

Paula: “When music doesn’t give him enough of a kick, he experiments with chili.”

Eisi: “Neither decibel nor scoville can wipe the smile off this hero-of-labor’s face. Should his career ever come to a halt, he’ll earn his (tofu-)bacon by juggling or becoming a poetry slammer.”
Eisi: “As undefeated Champion of all pub games, soon to be doctor of sustainability and the band’s commissioner of minority protection, he lives a modest life in Swabian (southern German) abstinence and austerity.”

Tobi: “As hobby DJ, Paddy plays trash and charts music and makes the crowds go wild, myself included.

Paula: “His unparalleled coolness is only broken when somebody starts dipping fingers or pieces of bread in jars.”
Paddy: “Paula manages well as the only female member of the band. Alongside her main positions as songwriter, first violin and lead singer, she also acts as voice of reason whenever the boys pose a danger to the band’s savings by investing in beers and pizza.”

Tobi: “Paula is the artistic genius of the band and so manages to creatively transform any slips of the tongue into something picture-perfect.”

Eisi: “Probably having been a colorful bird in a tree in her previous life, Pippilotta Viktualia knows to enchant the hippie community by word, sound and image. Thanks to her Ruhr Valley style anti-authoritarian upbringing, she succeeds to assert herself on the stages of the world.”