For four years now, the four friends have roamed and delighted streets, pubs and festivals across Germany and abroad. Their melodies and lyrics are as diverse as the travels they have undertaken together. They sing of self-empowerment and connectedness to nature in a fast-paced world, and with their instruments they tell stories from Latin America and Scandinavia, from Ireland and from their hearts. No matter whether amplified or acoustic – it’s music that moves hearts and feet alike!

Windspiel are:
Paula Töpper: Violin, Vocals
Patrick Hackenberg: Cajón, percussion, background-vocals
Isaac Friesen: Upright bass, Acoustic guitar, whistle, background-vocals
Tobias Hoppe: Flamenco guitar, Irish bouzouki

Contact/ Booking [at] posteo [dot] de

Tobias Hoppe
Rothpletzstr. 29, 80937 München[at]